How could I tell anyone?



I should have said something but how do you explain to those that sincerely and unconditionally love you?  The people who brought you into this world, who would do absolutely anything for you, how can you even begin to tell them the things that happened to you?

How you left the little safe net that was once home, when life was easy, free and safe to living a life of destruction.  Fearful of the reprecautions and fearful of your families safety stopping those words coming out of your mouth.

It’s so hard to admit to yourself that you are being abused, it’s because you don’t recongise it as abuse immediately, you are in too deep before your start to feel that something isn’t right and when it gets to that point, there isn’t no easy way out.

You can’t just pack up and leave.  It isn’t as easy as that. …

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You don’t have to call him Daddy


I know, I know I have been seriously neglecting my blog, we have been so busy having fun.

The last of the weekends ceramics are now ready to go in the kiln….so you will all have your wonderful Fathers day creations in time (yes I even go into Create Ossett on my day off lol.) Am particularly loving the Fab Dad sharks :)….

This week we still have time to make cards, badges and keyrings for the special man in your life….it doesn’t have to say Dad, the special man in our life is called Daddish…as the saying goes, “Anyone can be a Father, but it takes a special man to be a Daddy.” We have such mixed families nowadays, that certain occasions can end up being a bit fraught…and that isn’t the way it should be, it should be a celebration of love.

So whoever you are sending love to …Dad, Stepdad, Mum Dad, Someone Special, enjoy creating something special…..and letting them know how much you love them ….

love and hugs

Sky @ Create Ossett



This week, next week….


13043561_1140783595974492_4425749176227810497_n I really don’t know where the times goes, school holidays and Father’s day is fast approching. As always this week the studio is open for drop in sessions (prices start from as little as £1 for badges…Wednesday afterschool we are holding an extra Ceramic painting session for all (prices start at just £5, no sitting fee), and on Thursday night I will open 7 til late for an adults Ceramic painting session. (There will be tea and coffee, or you can bring your own drinks). Hope to see you there.

We are closed Bank Holiday Monday, but do have regular sessions throughout the school hols…please drop me an email to to receive advance notice of activities or join us at

word cloudwarmest wishes, Sky @ Create Ossett


School holiday..May/June


Tuesday 31st May

10am badges & bookmarks….make a selection of badges and bookmarks to brighten up your day £5

11am ceramic painting….mugs or plates (other items are available) …let us help you create a masterpiece to cherish forever £10 ..items ready for collection on Saturday after being glazed and fired in our very own kiln.

1pm foam clay models…our special colour clay moulds like playdough, but dries into a permanent model🙂 £5

3pm sand art….create a collection of pictures using coloured sand….design your own or use some of our pre made sticky templates £5

Wednesday 1st June (prebook only over – suitable for 9 and over)

3 hours of crafting fun…lots of ideas to choose from and masterpieces to take home – bring drinks and a pack lunch if you wish 10 – 1pm £20


10am Ceramic painting – FULLY BOOKED

12pm keyrings & badges – why not decorate your school bag or make gifts for a friend 3 badges & 1 keyring £5

1pm fun watercolour canvas – use our fab funky markers and vibrant paints to create your very own work of art £10

Friday 3rd June

10am ceramic bowls, plates or mugs (other items available) £10 – ready one week later

1pm foam clay birds or boats £5

3pm boxes, houses or tiny bird houses – mixed media – paper, paint, pens, buttons, glitter and glue…what could be more fun🙂 £4

Open Tues, Thurs, Fri & Sat 10 – 4word cloud


I keep forgetting to write!!


I keep forgetting to write… excuses I just do.

As you may know we are setting up Create Ossett which is an arts and craft space for everyone to enjoy….and we all seem to be doing so.

I shan’t make a million, heyho, but we are making sure that anyone who visits can explore their creative side, at with activities starting at just £1 it means no one is excluded on cost.

The creations everyone produces astounds me…It is pure joy to see……

But I keep forgetting to write….one day I shall find the balance, because I would love to share all that we do….( i shall not lie I am also a lot better with paints and glitter than figuring out computers and wordpress).

toodle pip

Sky @ Create Ossett

#createossett 13043561_1140783595974492_4425749176227810497_n



Earth Day fun…..


It is always good to have a reminder, we are just a small dot on the Earth, but we can do a lot to help it, or at least minimise our impact.

So lets all plant and grow something, try to reduce waste products…..(oh the things we can use for crafts lol ) and look after our beautiful natural world.

Happy Earth Day

from Sky @ Create Ossettearth day

April Art Challenge …


So, we have decided here at Create Ossett, to issue a little art challenge each month.

It’s not a competition, just a little thing to inspire us all.

If you wish to post pictures that would be amazing. If anyone fancied donating the finished piece to our shop in Ossett, then they will be submitted to our charity auction next April.

This is meant to fun…:)

Aprils challenge title is HERO.

This can be whatever that means to you. A superhero, a friend, a garden hero, someone from history…it really doesn’t matter, it is personal to you.

You can email pics to or post to our facebook page


So here we are….finding our feet and making awesome stuff


First of all, thanks for looking at our website…it is far from ideal. Like the shop it is a work in progress. I am juggling lots of things whilst sticking, painting and making new friends.

Our shop address is 66A Bank Street, Ossett WF5 8NW.

We are currently arranging lots of fun sessions for everyone to join in, or you can just drop by and see whats going on.

The best place at the moment is our shop window or

We will shortly be setting up an email list and I WILL get the website sorted…I just need to find a minute…hope you enjoy the Easter Break … wishes love Create Ossetttoday is a good day

Paperwork..and sadly not origami


Not had much time to write…or draw…or do anything except move boxes and admin….

I am not complaining , the dream is finally going to come true…and on the 2nd April we shall be opening our doors to our amazing new workspace…a place where you can come and stick and paint and draw and create. Stop for a coffee, learn a new craft, make a badge, create a card…everything shall be here for you….we will even clean up the mess.🙂

We do hope you will pop by and watch us grow into our dream. So no, I am not getting much crafty stuff done this week…the only paper I have folded are invoices. the only art supplies I have touched are going into boxes ready to move….It will be worth the wait🙂

If you are in Ossett, Wakefield this Saturday we will be having a little take and make sessions for Mothers day cards..I will have the kettle on…pop in🙂

Create Ossett. big scary pictures

love this pic…..someone has found a create space in between the packing🙂


Sky x

Create Ossett


66A Bank  Street,


Wf5 8NW


Today is the most important day of my life…


So here I am ….caught up in the chaos of launching a new business and workshop…a messy head and an equally messy workspace…still catching up from being away for 2 days for a trade show.

I was going to cry..then I remembered ..well I remembered is the most important day of my life..

I have the memory of the lovely new friends ( I hope I can call you friends.) I met yesterday. People with the same hopes, dreams and desires. I have a stack of orders and leases to sign off. I could go crazy…but then I would have missed the point….

So here I am, and I see…the sun is streaming through the window…I have put on a piece of music that…well just does something to me….I am reaching for my paints..I am in the moment.

Today is the most important day in my life…..for we only have today……and a whisper of a promise of tomorrow…

so now I sit here..with a cup of tea…inky fingers..and a smile on my face….and that is what life is all about….

Enjoy your day my lovelies,

Thanks as always for reading.

Love Sky.

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today is a good day